So it's summer, right? It's actually summer, does the weather want to get with the programme? I've been wanting to talk about some cute pieces I snapped up from simply be for a little while now but the good old British weather has not played ball one bit. It's like as soon as you but summer clothing, the rain clouds appear and decide to go away on a day when you're wearing the most amount of layers. Am I right? So after a couple of weeks of dashed hope, I decided to just ignore the weather and get on with showing off the perfect summer bits from Simply Be, and let's hope maybe we can just use our imagination and pretend the UK actually will have some warmer days coming up.

When the team at Simply Be got in touch and asked me if I wanted to grab some items for the summer season, of course I jumped at the chance. I love Simply Be, I actually briefly worked in one of their first ever high street stores back in my teens, they're a fantastic brand and I have loved working with them over the years on Babies and Beauty. I find their website so easy to use, I can find what I want and need in a flash, it's never glitching or lagging even though it has such a vast amount of clothing to choose from.

I think I must have had some form of premonition whilst browsing the Simply Be site as instead of opting for sandals I chose a pair of reliable Reebok trainers. I know it doesn't scream beach walks or summer solstice but as a parent I think practicality is one of the most important things for me now, don't get me wrong I eyed over many a gorgeous page of sandals before realising that actually I'm not sure they're going to have me winning the park races, or be up to scratch when my toddler decides to try and abandon ship mid-food shop and I have to make a supermarket sweep style dash after him. The trainers were instantly comfy and I knew as soon as I put them on that they would be firm favourites, which they have as I've worn them pretty religiously for the last month and when I'm away on a trip next week they'll definitely be in my baggage as I know how much I'll be grateful for some comfort on my feet when I'm away.

Next I opted for a cuter summer dress, the options again were endless and I spent so long picking the right one, ultimately I wanted a dress that I could wear all year around and I think this little orange floral number is great. I can wear it now the weather is finally picking up, on its's own with some sandals or I can dress it up during the colder months (or our current summer) with tights and boots. On top of that I grabbed a couple of tee's as I don't think you can really go wrong with a plain t-shirt over summer, they're fantastic to pair with jeans or a skirt and honestly if I'm not spilling something on mine then the kids are so the more the merrier.

I'm really pleased with the pieces I picked up, Simply Be has such a great range and the prices vary so there is just about something for all kinds of budget. The range of clothing to choose from is honestly so vast that I could have spent days scrolling through, but make sure you keep an eye on my instagram to see how everything looks on and how we get on with them over the summer.

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