I used to do seasonal bucket lists a lot more often but in the end I was sat thinking of things to do as I wrote them, before I figured it's not exactly a bucket list if I can't even remember the stuff I am supposed to want to do so badly. So this year I laid off and unless I really had plans or wanted to make them, I wasn't going to be making a list and discussing it. However summer is a little different, especially as it's Noahs' first summer since being at school full time, I know we have to make the most and honestly I really want to do as much as we can.

1. Spend quality time with Noah.
It's rare now this boy gets me to himself, or any of us for that reason for fear of us leaving Patrick out. It's no secret that Pip is quite a force to be reckoned with and I'm well aware that sometimes Noah does just comply and do his own thing while his little brother takes the majority of everyone's' attention. I don't want that this summer, I don't want him feeling like he never gets quality time anymore so I absolutely want more one on one time together, he's the boy who made me a Mummy and honestly one of the sweetest children I've ever met. Whilst he's so good you almost forget you have him, I'm making sure he doesn't feel forgotten and this Summer I want to put a big focus back onto him. Setting unrealistic expectations is something I really want to avoid so I wont sit here and say every other day I want to be doing something extravagant, it can be simply heading to the library together and picking some books, a cinema trip or even nipping out for ice cream at the park together one night. I want Noah to grow up with fond memories of moments he stole with us after he should have been in bed!

2. A night away.
I'm sure this might result in a few eye rolls because the boys have just been away for a week but I don't mean without the boys, I want them with us. I've weighed up a few options, such as Alton Towers or something similar but ultimately I'm a little put off at the thought of how busy the places will and; kids, queues and heat don't really mix too well. It may end up being a hotel or air bnb stay with a day out instead, either way I definitely want to get away for a night with the boys. They're really well behaved and I think when you're little even just the novelty of not being home is exciting enough, I'd like to do it where we don't let them know until they're getting ready that morning, there's something magical about seeing your children super amped up on excitement.

3. Pick your own.
This has become a tradition now with the boys and they really look forward to it year after year. For some reason this year, even though we didn't have a particularly harsh winter (look at me talking as if I have a clue about harvesting anything, when I can't keep a plant alive) pick your own hasn't begun for the strawberries which is really what we're after. We have a farm super local and I've been checking on their pages daily to find out when the strawbs will be ripe enough to pick. The boys love it and so do me and John, it's usually me and Pip trying to get better ones than him and Noah (we definitely won last year even though he kept trying to eat all of them). Hopefully they'll open soon and we can tick this one off the list pretty pronto.

4. Visit the zoo.
I think this has been on almost every bucket list I have ever done, but we haven't been to the zoo since Patrick was barely one so it's something I know the boys will get so much more out of now. We have Yorkshire Wildlife Park not too far away and we have been invited to another zoo a little further afield, it's one of those things that we wont be doing every year so that the boys don't get bored of it, but given it's been almost two since our last trip it kind of feels like we're overdue now.

5. Picnics in the park.
A right of passage when the weather hits anything over 15 degrees or the sun appears for longer than twenty minutes in England. We intend to be typically brit and have as many picnics in the park this year as possible, to be honest it doesn't have to be in the park, it can be under a blanket fort in the living room if the weather doesn't permit. I just know how much the boys get excited over squashed sandwich, paper plates and squeezy drinks, you forget how much the grass itched your legs or how many flies almost got in your drink don't you?

I know this list is probably considerably less than most you'll find, but that's simply because I want it to be achievable, it's a little pointless writing all the things I'd love to do when I know the chances are extremely slim. None of these plans are pie in the sky and I'm hoping at the end of August I can come back with autumns list in my head and a full summer bucket list checked off and ready to go.

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