If your household is anything like mine then you'll know there is pretty much always something or someone to buy for, I always find the first half of the year the busiest and after Noahs' and Johns' birthdays along with Christmas all within a month of each other, you can imagine how stuck for ideas and budget we can get over here. It's not only that but I seem to enjoy making life harder for myself, with Easter and Valentine baskets, I just love throwing things together for the boys to make life that little bit more exciting (and difficult yes). Plus Noah is at school now and pretty much every school age parent will know what that means, parties, I like to be organised now and keep a small stash of presents in the cupboard and thanks to PoundToy, I can now be that extra bit ahead of the game as they kindly asked us to, in exchange for a voucher have a nosy around their website and share our thoughts.
The first thing I noticed about the PoundToy site was how easy it was to navigate, I could quite easily find whatever I needed thanks to their fantastic navigation bar, it meant even if I was shopping for someone I didn't know too well - like a school friend of Noahs', just by selecting a few options I could quite easily find something they'd enjoy with no troubles. You could adjust everything from age, to gender or price, the website was incredibly helpful and really did make it as simple as possible.

Of course like with most pound stores these days, not everything is a pound and whilst I understood that a portion of the site would be higher in price, it was refreshing to actually see so much below the pound mark too, definitely not something you see very often. I found that section fantastic for grabbing little stocking filler-esque toys, it would work well if you needed to fill party bags too, but for me it was simply some nic-naks for the boys to enjoy and play around with. Whilst I was browsing I noticed they had a penny sale on too, which for those who are frugal amongst us, you can't go wrong can you? I was truly so shocked to see branded names in the 'Under £1' toy section, it included Crayola, Paw Patrol and Angry birds, which if you're new here you might not be aware that both of my boys are completely Angry birds crazy, hence why I snapped up the sticker book for Noah. We've already began sticking some in and he gets a little pack of the stickers every time he's done something good as a reward, a lot of the toys from that section make great pocket money toys.

For me one of my biggest worries from ordering, given I'd never used PoundToy before, was that the items would be just like their price tags, cheap. I couldn't have been further from the mark as not one of the items we chose has been lesser quality than if we'd have paid triple the price elsewhere. So many of the toys on PoundToy are branded so you know exactly what you are getting in terms of product, you don't have to worry about a toy turning up and being, well, a bit naff.

In terms of delivery I really can't fault PoundToy, their service was speedy and attentive, with dispatch and delivery e-mails keeping me up to date each step of the way. One small item I had ordered wasn't in stock, however they simply e-mailed me to let me know and offered a product of similar nature which I accepted - I thought this was great, especially if it was a present for someone as by them offering up another suggestion it eliminated the need for me to hop back on the site and find a suitable alternative,  great customer service there.

Although this was my first time using PoundToy, it definitely wont be my last, it's a fantastic site for all those little bits and pieces you might need. I've stored a lot of our purchases away for a rainy day and can grab them out as and when to keep the boys occupied and at such a small cost you really can't complain. I picked up such a variety of things from dinner sets for each of the boys, to marble runs and practical joke toys, there really is such a wide choice.

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