We naturally all get a little tired of our surroundings from time to time, I think as new seasons come and go, trends fade in and out, it's pretty normal to want to redecorate parts of your home. However it's not always as easy done as it's said, redecorating can be incredibly pricey and I don't know many people that can afford to keep switching up their home to be in tune with the latest Pinterest craze. I score through my Instagram feed daily, searching hashtags and pondering over houses I'll never own and decors that I will never achieve, but a girl can dream right? I'm pretty sure if I had my way, and a wallet size I dream of, I'd have painters in every other week changing up my house, last year alone I wandered the paint aisle of b&q more times than I thought was humanly possible. But whilst redecorating your house every month isn't realistic, making small changes that give big differences is.

Whilst I was looking at affordable ways to shake up our living room, I couldn't believe how oblivious I'd been to what was right in front of me - curtains. You don't realise how much different curtains or blinds make to a room until you change them, take them down and you'll even realise a glimpse just then. Our living room and in fact our entire house has had the same blinds and curtains since we moved in five years ago, thankfully at the time we opted for neutral greys so it's never been too much of an issue when we've swapped decor around inside.

Curtains can really shape a room, of course they can be pricey if you re-do the entire house but if you're on a budget check out the Yorkshire Linen website. They had some really affordable selections and such a huge variety, there really is something for everyone. I'm contemplating swapping our current living room blinds for some wooden Venetian ones, I know we'll feel the benefit once summer hits and we can really control the amount of light we get through, as we're south facing.

I even thought about having winter and summer curtains, changing up the tones to make the room feel warmer and cooler. I am incredibly fickle when it comes to home design and this for us could be a really easy way to have the changes I want in the house, without spending the big pennies that we definitely don't have. Plus I think if it saves John a trip to Ikea and hours trying to understand flat pack instructions all because I want to follow the latest trend that I'll hate in a month - he'll be happy. A curtain rail and some hoops are much more up his street, it'll probably help us dip out on the 'you're not doing it right' arguments that are inevitable with any kind of DIY.

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