New year always seems the most pivotal point to declare yourself a new you, set yourself goals you'll never achieve and then forget about them all within three weeks time. And if that isn't you then it's certainly me. I'm flaky. Looking back to January, I can't really remember the goals I set and though they were all said with the best intentions, it would be interesting to look back even now and see how many haven't really came to fruition. Even though it's clear new years resolutions probably aren't for me, they do make me feel good and even if it's fleeting - they give me a bit of a kick up the bottom.

Right now, we're dipping our toes into April and I feel as though I need that kick again to refocus on what I want to do and achieve over the month. A mere thirty days is a much more achievable time frame to look at, and whilst I may not be able to set huge goals because the time isn't on my side, I am able to set ones that are somewhat more achievable than a fully Kim Kardashian style body transformation in twelve months. A girl can dream right? Going forward I want to keep this up, each month or bi-monthly, however often I document my goals I want them to be frequent and with each new set there will be a update on my previous ones as it's all well and good telling you everything I want to do, without actually letting you in on if I managed it or not.

1. Lose some weight.
Since having Noah I don't think I've ever truly put myself on a diet or weight loss mission and boy does it show. Carrying two children within two years hasn't exactly done wonders for my figure, nor has letting myself eat whatever I like in between. It might have felt nice at the time, not having to count calories or think about fat content, but it doesn't feel so great now when I'm looking at the prospect of a holiday in two months time. I've already begun some daily workouts but my diet still falls off the band wagon as soon as Saturday hits - April is the month I lose a stone.

2. Finally change the living room carpet.
The biggest mistake we made in this house was buying carpet for the living room. It was our first house and we were naive, I thought carpet would be cosy and inviting when in truth, it's never going to look as good as the first day you lay it. Wood flooring is the much more logical option for us, Patrick will be potty training soon and we know that it wont come without it's accidents, meaning a wipe-able surface is just a must. I'm constantly talking about our house renovations and redecoration, and it'll be nice to finally tick a huge to-do box off our list.

3. Work on Facebook.
Facebook is definitely my neglected social media when it comes to Babies and Beauty. Bar the occasional instagram post it's rare you'll see anything from me. Though it still continues to be a huge source of traffic, this proves that I need to start putting in the effort it deserves and put my bugbears about it aside. I'm pretty active across the board and I feel like my lack of presence over there is letting me down. April should hopefully see a whole lot more of me on Facebook - yikes.

4. Get to the seaside.
I'm working on this as we speak, I've spoke to everyone and anyone who'll listen about how much we want to venture to the beach. Even if it's raining, cold or windy, I want to go. My boys haven't tasted a stick of rock (thank god) or rode on a Donkey, it seems a liberty I know and fingers crossed we will rectify this. We're in the midst of the Easter holidays and whilst I'm sure half of the county are flocking there, I'm deep down hoping that we will too.

5. Get to the bottom of the bottom of the wash pile.
A lot easier said that done let me tell you. I feel like every time I see the bottom of our wash basket, Patrick has a nappy explosion or Noah skids in the mud at school and within seconds another wash load has to be done. It doesn't help that our dryer seems to be the slowest dryer in existence meaning I can wash around four loads in the time it takes to dry one, but with Summer not too far off in the distance I'm holding off in favour of hanging the washing out on the line again.

Not quite the fifteen goals that I set in January, but definitely a much more achievable stance. April might not be the month that I'm going to flip my house, but it'll be the month I start making progress. And I don't think I'll ever accept the notion that having children means there is no end to the wash pile, because that feeling when you see the bottom is one that I would bottle and sell if I could. Do you set yourself monthly goals, and if so, what are yours for April?

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  1. This is a good list of goals- not to ambitious. If you want any helps on losing weight and toning up let me know. I have a few posts on home workouts. x

  2. I'm with you on the losing weight goal, though I have SO much to lose to be considered a healthy weight that It's more of a goal to change my mindset and change my lifestyle because it would be on my goal list every month for a while and it's a total pressure if I didn't lose loads.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more content on my facebook feed from you :D


  3. It is always good to have goals for the month - not always easy to achieve them though! Good luck getting to the bottom of the washing pile!

  4. This is a really great idea - I tend to set goals at the beginning of the year but forget them by March! A monthly option is so much better, good luck with everything! x x

  5. I could have written these exact same goals myself! Only yesterday Alfie asked to go to the beach and I've been starting to think about my own weight loss. I might start doing monthly goals as they are probably more achievable than new years resolutions!

  6. Haha I think getting to the bottom of the laundry pile is my monthly goal too!!

  7. Facebook is my neglected social media too I keep saying I need to give it more attention!

  8. It's such a good idea to revisit earlier goals and then break them down to make them more achievable. I have to say, we have laminate in the front room and it is an absolute godsend. I mean it needs constant sweeping and mopping but it woukd be a seriously dirty carpet by now! Good luck with the goals this month 😁

  9. Great goals! Simple and achievable! I too hope to see the bottom of the wash basket one day!

  10. Ahaha get to the bottom of the wash pile is my life long goal! With four kids we never get to that point!