It's no secret I love to shop. It's usually for my boys, there is more chance of seeing flying pigs that there are of me going a month without grabbing something for them. We're heading away in June and of course, these boys grow at a rate of knots so it means they've needed all new pieces for their summer wardrobe. I does sting a little knowing that they're only going to be in these clothes for a matter of weeks or, if we're very lucky with the British Summer, then months but I'm somewhat doubtful. You can imagine my surprise and equal delight when I heard there was a way to potentially get money back, from just buying the things you would buy anyway.

Lucky checkout was completely new to me, and when I stumbled upon it I was a little annoyed that I hadn't discovered it before. I scoured their website and found that most retailers I use online, were listed there, and all I had to do was use their site to peruse items as I normally would and each time I completed a purchase from a retailer on there, I would be entered into a monthly cash prize draw. Genius I know, your odds are incredibly good and you're doing no more than you would ordinarily do when online shopping - yet you've got the added bonus of a potential win, even more than what you may have spent. There's no long drawn out forms to fill in, or ridiculous terms and conditions, you're simply automatically entered every time you shop via their site, making winning such an easy task.

I'm a sucker for a good bargain or deal so this is completely up my street, though I am fickle and don't often like to try new things. Lucky checkout was incredibly easy to sign up and use, in just a few moments I was away and found myself oddly excited at the thought of a win. It doesn't end there though, as they've developed a pretty savvy tool that when installed and using any retailers listed on Lucky checkout, shows you any voucher codes available for that site. Gone is any wasted time for me that I previously spent searching for codes to input and being inundated with expired or incorrect ones. Realistically you'd be pretty mad not to use it, I can't help but think of all the times in the past when I've used websites and purchased things online, only to realise afterwards I could have got 20% off if I'd just searched for a code. Lucky Checkout is eliminating that risk for you, I am completely sold and have already been telling my friends and family about it.

I noticed just today that Early Learning centre are a featured retailer, which I'll be getting lots of use out of over the next couple of months with Patrick's birthday coming up. It's another excuse for me, and a good one at that, why not to make the trip into store and battle with busy weekend shoppers.

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