Toddler Travel Toys.

So as you'll be aware if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, we went away for a couple of weeks with Noah in August. As mentioned, it was a totally different ball game than it had been the previous year, as Noah was now a toddler - one who doesn't like to sit still. However thanks to a couple of these handy toys, both plane journeys were smooth sailing and I hope these can be of help to you.

This was the game changer, and even still now over a month later, now is obsessed with it. It kept him occupied for so long, not so much now where he can buckle them all within about 10 seconds. But at the time we flew, it took him a good 10 minutes to do them all. It's fantastic for fine motor skills too as well as learning colour matching! I would advise buying this to anyone travelling, I think it retailed at around £6 on amazon as a 'Child buckle toy'

My next to purchase list was this fantastic Etch-a-sketch style toy. It worked out so well compared to taking pens and paper, (which is something we use when in the supermarket to subside Noah), because on a plane the last thing you want is pens and pencils falling and rolling under seats to unforgiving passengers behind. The pen on here was attached by string so also avoiding it being launched into the row in front. This was something I just picked up in one of our local bargain shops. They cost nothing more than a couple of pound and most and again can be used for an age after as it never gets old for him.
The last set of toys that ended up being super useful were these cute wooden transports. Again off amazon for less than £5. They were perfect, tiny for hand luggage and I managed to shove them all in one sealable bag so I wasn't rummaging around the bottom of his travel bag for them whilst he's screaming 'BUS' at me. I kept these away as with all the toys so they were new to him when I produced them on the flight. He spent a long time 'brummmm'ing them around the arms of the chairs and backs of seats before one somehow ended up 2 rows in front (whoops). So beware if these are dropped, they do tend to scoot around a little.

I hope this can help any of you travelling with a toddler approaching the 'terrible twos'. Please let me know any toys you found useful on your travels?

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