Our Week In Pictures 27/9

This week has been a usual week for us, work, work and work, we don't usually get home till around 6 and after leaving the house just before 7, means there isn't really much time for anything till the weekend. Noah has really started enjoying more advanced puzzles now, (you can find the video on my Instagram here) he can do all of his simple wooden ones very easily, so was needing a little more of a challenge. He seems to have got these fantastic ones by Orchard toys  all wrapped up now so I might have to look at purchasing some more. I'm so pleased there is a company out there catering for children younger than 3 interested in Jigsaws.

Friday night saw us all snuggled on the sofa watching Home Alone 2, YES, I am aware it's September, but it was on the television and Noah was engrossed. We let him stay up a bit later than the usual 7 o'clock as he was a pleasure to be around and we wanted the extra cuddles. And how could I resist putting up this cheeky smile? Noah's become slightly obsessed with 'Papple' he loves Granny Smiths apples just like his Mummy, because they're very crunchy. And of course we teamed it with a bowlful of banana which is his ultimate favourite.

What have you got up to this weekend?

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