Toddler Room Decor

So Noah is to turn 2 in less than 3 months, let us skip past all the 'oh my goodness how is nearly 2' and get to the point where he is now officially a toddler. That being said, he definitely needs an updated room and as most have, I've fallen in love with the black and white decor I have seen floating around the blogosphere. I like the idea of having a little colour though, as it'll definitely stand out amongst the contrasting monochrome. I intend to get his room completely updated by his birthday and will be posting a full tour once I have done so. Until then, I'll fill you in on the bits I have already or intend on purchasing for him.

  1. First is this beautiful Light box, it's perfect for Noah especially as he grows because we'll be able to leave little messages to each other, but until then I can put whatever I like on there.
  2. I aim to fill his whole nursery with little prints like this, just as a reminder every now and then to sit back and enjoy him whilst he's young. They're also really cute and quirky.
  3. Thirdly are these fascinating night lights. Noah isn't bothered about the dark, but he's not potty training and within the next 6 months should be into his 'big boy bed'. Therefore he'll begin to toilet himself in the night, or might want to find us. These will be perfect so he can still see, as he wouldn't be tall enough to reach the lights.
  4. I LOVE this colourful garland, it will add the perfect pop of colour I'm wanting.
  5. These storage bags are so affordable and handy, they can store anything from toys, to laundry or rubbish. Anything will look stylish in these.
  6. And lastly are these wall stickers. I really don't fancy painting Noah's room with any black, so the closest thing are these cute wall stickers, they'll add that little pop to tie the walls in with the interior design.
Has your little one had a room update now they've grown? 

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