We've Booked Our Holiday (yay!)

As you can guess by the title, we've booked our summer holiday. We're off to a little town in Alicante called Javea, my Dad's parents have a little villa there and they're happy to let us stay there for just short of a couple of weeks in August and we're already counting down the days, we cannot wait.

It will be a whole different ball game to last time we went away, Noah was 7 / 8 months old when we went to Tunisia last summer, and was a completely different person to who he is now. Now he's full of spirit, and full of 'I don't want to sit still for a second', so the plane ride should be fun. Thankfully it's only a couple of hours and we fly at 6:30am so I'm hoping he might sleep? As the flight is only 2 hours, and Noah is under 2, we haven't got him his own seat, it seems a little pointless as he probably wouldn't sit in it even if we got him one, so he will be perched on my lap with one of those silly seat belt thingy-ma-jigs.

I feel in the dark again, as Noah is now a toddler I have absolutely no idea of how to keep him occupied during flight. So far I've picked him up his own carry on suitcase, that will be solely for his stuff, as that way I know if I need something where it will be. I vow not to take one thing of Noahs in neither mine nor John's bag, as it just becomes a huge search effort when we need something silly like a wipe. I will be like a sponge for the next 3 months, soaking up any information I can find on flying with a toddler, so if anyone has any tips please let me know. The holiday side should be a lot easier, last time we went all inclusive and Tunisia didn't really have many of the amenities or brands that we have here in the UK. However travelling in Europe gives us that benefit that we're probably going to be able to find pampers, and weetabix if we need it, so I'm much more relaxed in the event I forget anything. Noahs great granny Pat has even managed to find a company out there that rent baby packages, including a travel cot, car seat, a huge box of toys etc, which is an absolutely saviour. It means we don't have to worry about lugging all of it out there, and it's super handy.

We've even started Noahs swimming lessons up again which he starts on Friday, to get him used to the water again. He loved the pool last year and I'm just hoping he's a bit better in the sea as he was not so happy about being in there.

As you can tell, we are hugely looking forward to our time away, and we welcome any tips on holidays or flying with a toddler, as I could definitely use all the help I can get.

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