Little Dish Review *

Something that can be a worry as a working parent, is rushing home from work after a very long day and cooking a home cooked meal from scratch. Lets be honest, sometimes we really don't have the time or energy. And I can hold my hands up and say yes, Noah has had beans on toast, spaghetti hoops and probably lots of other crap I vowed I'd never give him. We're fortunate, that whilst we work, Noah is either in nursery, or with my Mother, so each day he gets a good home cooked meal. However there are occasions where let's be honest - it's a bit of a faf to cook a whole separate meal for one child if for example we have a curry or chilli, something I definitely wouldn't want to give to Noah (we like them a little bit too spicy).

It was always a concern that he'd be having too much salt in some of the tinned products mentioned above, and texture was a worry too, I didn't want him to regress to smoother consistency if he was having a can of chicken soup. And then I discovered Little Dish. An absolutely amazing brand, me and my Mum first discovered them in Waitrose, the first thing that grabbed our attention was the fact that; yes they were a childrens meal, but they didn't have garish packaging like most similar on the market. We were amazed to see they offer such a variety of meals, from fish to pasta and curries to hotpots, they looked amazing so we picked up a few to try with Noah. He adored them of course, so I reached out to Little Dish who kindly sent me some samples to try out with him.

 Noah's first sample was 'Fishermans Pie with Salmon and Pollock' and oh my word it went down a treat, as you can see, Noah had absolutely no issues gobbling it all. In fact, when I tried to help him steer a bit he missed into his mouth, he went crazy as he thought I was taking the spoon away. Little Dish is a brand I feel comfortable feeding to Noah, as I'm aware they will nourish him just as well as I would. Their meals contain always at least one of your five a day, often more, they are low in salt which is a huge thing for ready meals. They have zero added sugar, and no additives or preservatives. I can't wait for Noah to try the other samples, which included a chilli, they are perfect to wean him onto some gentle spices before he can start to eat what we're eating.

Have you ever tried a ready meal for your toddler? Perhaps from Little Dish?

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