Moving Your Child Into Their Own Room

In some peoples eyes we may have been early or late doing this, and looking back, we definitely could of done this earlier, nonetheless Noah is now in his own room. And guess what, I don't know what I was so worried about!

Noah's cot has always been against the far wall in our bedroom since he moved into it at around 12 weeks old. He's had his own room, just a couple of metres down the hallway from ours, but we've always felt comforted and at ease knowing he was just at the foot of our bed. If he cried, or got hurt, or worse, we weren't too far away and that was always reassuring for me. (Especially after reading a horror story on SIDS at 9 months old that scarred for life) Anyway, as Noah turned one we knew it was something we wanted to do, but then he went through a horrible sleeping phase when he woke every 3 / 4 hours, and selfishly we wanted to be nearby so it didn't disrupt any of us too much in the night. Since then, Noah has slept fine, and we were gradually starting to question if we'd ever move him into his beautifully decorated nursery. But finally, after a sporadic bank holiday weekend tidy up in his room, we just decided to move the cot down and see how he got on.

 (ps. don't freak out, all plug sockets are covered and he can't even nearly reach the wire)

The first night was like an absolute dream, the only hiccup we had was I didn't charge his monitor enough so it scared the s**t out of me when it beeped very loudly at about 4 am. I spent the next 2 hours waking at every little noise in case it was Noah. Lesson learned, on the Monday night we charged everything up and again, he slept absolutely perfectly. I wasn't worried he'd be waking a lot, as he rarely wakes at all any more, I was more worried if he did wake he couldn't resettle himself as he'd feel in a strange place. But now we're well into our third week of Noah in his own bedroom, I'm confident that if he did wake, he'd know exactly where he was and he'd drift right back off to sleep - he probably has even done so, but I've just not noticed.

I do feel a little bit silly for not doing it sooner, but only you can decide when the time feels right. I thought this would be a big event, but it's really not. We just have our bedroom back to ourselves, and Noah can now fully enjoy his own little boys room in peace and private.  What age did you switch your little ones to their own room?

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