Pacapod Jura Review*

Well, well, well, where to start with the Pacapod Jura? I'm a slight changing bag hoarder and this is by far the most multi-functional, easy to use & stylish one I've owned. I almost feel as though I've wasted hours of my life searching in bags for bits and bobs when if I had of had this bag, all of that could of been avoided.

The Pacapod prides itself on their Pods, and the Jura comes with two, one for feeding and one for changing. I personally found this so handy when out for dinner, I didn't have to lug a bag to the changing rooms, I'd just simply grab the Changing Pod and off we'd go. With an ever growing 8 month old baby, being able to just carry a super lightweight bag with me to the toilets made it much easier. The same goes for the Feeding Pod, as most Mothers out there know, when your baby wants their milk, they want it now. I didn't find myself rummaging around for his bib or muslin, as the Feeding Pod provides perfect little pouches so everything is easily accessible. I was very impressed.

With most changing bags I've used, I've found once I have all my sons changing and feeding bits in, it's rather full. Not with the Pacapod Jura, you've still got two huge compartments on the front for everything else. I feel like this bag is made for us Mummies who like to over pack, I used one zip compartment for spare clothes for Noah, something that came in handy when sending him off to Nana's for a day. And there was still another whole compartment left for either my stuff, toys for Noah or both! (Yes it is that spacious). I couldn't believe how easy this bag has made things for us. It's definitely played to my organisation needs, as everything has it's own slot or pouch, even the changing mat, which may I add is so soft and spongy, providing extra comfort for your little ones changes when you are out and about.

I already know we'll be purchasing another for my other half, the Pacapod Jura is so versatile and can easily be used by Mummy or Daddy. It's wipe clean which is extremely handy because you don't have to worry about any sticky messes ruining your gorgeous bag. In the first few days I wore it out I was asked twice where the bag was from, it's eye-catching with its bold and beautiful pattern and really has made a world of difference to days out for me and Noah.

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  1. Those pods are an excellent idea! I usually find it a pain when there's loads of different sections in the baby bags as I forget where everything is but this makes so much sense! I love that the colour is unisex too!