Noah You're 8 Months

My oh my! I cannot believe when I look back at your last update, you were half the age you are now. So much has changed since then, you are like a different baby & have gained so many new skills. But one thing that hasn't changed, is your lovely temperament, you become sweeter and develop into your own little character more and more.

Routine: Our routine is very consistent now, and it works incredibly well for you. We wake up around 7, have a little snuggle, we sing the wake up song (well Mummy does) and then have your breakfast. You play for a short while before a mid morning nap & some more playing. It's soon dinner time and then we either head outside, have extra play or just relax together before your longer afternoon nap. Before we know it it's tea time, Daddy is home & you're off to bed, but not before a bath, snuggle and a bottle. Everything is working super well in that department.

Sleeping: We've just arrived back from two weeks in Tunisia, and you slept a dream whilst we were there (I think it was a mixture of fresh air & heat) since the day we arrived home you have been unsettled in your sleeping. And cheeky you will not allow Daddy to settle you, but touch wood the past two nights you've worked yourself out and we're back to sleeping through 7-7. Which we're more than happy with.

Weight: You'll not be getting weighed until the clinic is on next Wednesday, but I have noticed you have got much heavier. You're 'solid' as your old nana says, like a bag of cement. Probably because you will eat everything & anything and nobody can sit down to eat without you wanting some of their food. Size 6-9 month clothing in some shops are coming up a bit tight now, (in particular around your chubby legs and tum) so I think you're around the 24-25lb mark. We shall have to see next week!

Milestones: I can't even number how many you've achieved since 4 months. We're onto lumpier food, you're teeth are cutting through this week so now you have one, and you're beginning to try to crawl. You are desperate to be on the move, as soon as you're in your walker you are off, chasing us, the doggies & even trying to open the cupboards, you rascal. Today you again astounded us with some clapping along to a song Nana sings, and even clap when we ask you too. You are growing and developing so much every single day and it's amazing to watch alongside you.

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