Three Weeks Postpartum Update

Oh my has time flown, it's been three whole weeks since I gave birth to little Noah pants. (Three weeks EXACTLY, as it's now 22:20) Boy has time flown. I remember those last few weeks of pregnancy feeling like forever, and yet my first few weeks as a mother have completely flown by.

It feels like we're getting into more of a routine with Noah now. Although it's hard as he's still only so little, he definitely has patterns of when he's awake and most active, just like he did when he was in my tummy. It did seem at first he was asleep all day and awake most of the night, but that faded after the first few days and now he's awake most of the day, with the occasional nap after his feeds. However he does like to be wide awake and agitated between 11pm - 2am, the last couple of days have been better and I think it's due to altering the way he sleeps in his Moses basket. All in all we are really blessed as he honestly doesn't cry unless he wants something (ie. a feed, his nappy changing, a cuddle).

I do fear we'll have trouble weaning Noah when he gets older as he absolutely LOVES his bottles & milk. He's currently on 6oz and finishes them all, his feeds are usually every 4 hours roughly, give or take 30 minutes. It's such a lot for a three week old baby, as most don't take that until they're around 6-8 weeks old, however Noah was much bigger than most newborns, weighing in at 9lb 13oz. He's not bringing anything back up so it's no real bother to us at the moment, if he's happy, we're happy.
Noahs' dislikes are anything that involves being undressed, so nappy changing is always a fun task. We usually try to change his nappy as his bottle is warming, as that way it's almost a little comfort for him afterwards. He also really doesn't like having a bath, I think again, it's more due to being undressed and maybe feeling a bit exposed and vulnerable. We picked up a cloth bath seat this week that hooks over the edge of his baby bath, from John Lewis. We're hoping it'll make him feel more comfortable and a little warmer in the bath.

After his paternity leave & some well places holidays, John goes back to work on Thursday so I'm intrigued to see how I'll feel then. We've had nearly a month by each others side so it will definitely be tough for me, especially doing all the night feeds myself, at the moment we take it in turn doing a night each. But I'm sure I'll get used to it in time. It's so bizarre how your body adjusts to everything. I was such a heavy sleeper, but now wake at any murmur Noah makes, you get used to the sleep deprivation & all kinds of motherly instincts kick in. We're so lucky with Noah as he is such an amazing baby, he's so, so good for us & minus my revisit to hospital when I was a week post-partum, I've had a speedy and easy recovery.


  1. Love the update, what a little cutie. Archie hated baths at first but we brought a bath seat and do him in the big bath now, he loves it... I also bathed with him a couple of times to get him used to it. Hope your first day is ok tomorrow, xx

    1. Thank you missy :) Noah seemed to take his bath much better with the seat so fingers crossed it's cracked it haha. Xxx

  2. Love the update Hun Noah is so cute! Scott goes back to work next week too and I'm terrified!! Xx

  3. Thank you ☺️ it's nerve wracking isn't i. Hopefully we'll work our way into a new routine quickly. I'll definitely miss the help! Xxx