Pregnancy Update

How far along?  41 weeks. Overdue & not happy about it.

Total weight gain:  I'm not to sure, but I don't think I've put much on anywhere other than my bump which is nice.

Maternity clothes?  Nothing new at this stage, it'd be silly to buy something so late in my pregnancy although I will still wear my maternity clothes for a week or so after I've had baby.

Stretch marks? Oh yes, not just on my sides now, they're on the bottom of my bump where he's really stretched me. Still using bio oil and I do believe it works.

Sleep:  Sleep has been terrible these past couple of nights, my hips ache when I lay on one side for too long. And I'm up every hour / two hours for the toilet or a drink as my mouth gets SO dry!!

Best moment this week: Going to the midwife for my second sweep and finding out my cervix has began to move, so things are moving in the right direction.

Worst Moment This Week: My first stretch and sweep last week. That midwife was so rough, uninformative and I just felt terrible after it. Almost violated as I didn't really know what had gone on. She didn't explain much.

Food cravings: I haven't really craved anything during my pregnancy to be honest, I have ate whatever I wanted though and used it as an excuse, naughty me.

Miss anything?  Not going to the loo every hour in the night, and being comfortable in bed.

Movement: Still lots and lots. They're not like distinctive kicks anymore though. Just movements, rolling around & hiccups. 

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope, been lucky I've not really felt sick since about 24 weeks.

Gender: BOY!

Labour signs:  A few bouts of backache, emptying bowels (tmi, yikes), and lots of braxton hicks. Apart from that, nothing incredibly alerting.

Symptoms:  Same as above, still getting heartburn even though baby is fully engaged. 

Belly button in or out?  Sometimes it pops out, then it goes back in depending on where Baby Bump is in my tum. It feels so soft though, it's pretty funny.

Happy or moody most of the time? Ups and downs, I'm pretty content most of the time just a little impatient now. 

Looking forward to:  Baby bump becoming our baby boy. He should be a week old now so it's a little upsetting he's still not here with us.

(Will upload my bump picture when the internet is allowing me, silly thang)


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