What to pack in my hospital bag?

I think packing your hospital bags has to be one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. I must have read over fifty blog posts on what people packed, whilst trying to pack my own. From around 28 weeks of pregnancy I had mine packed, but on a weekly basis I'd redo them and add to them. In the end we settled for two bags, one for my belongings & a second for Johns' and Noahs'. It made it easier for John or my Mum to get things out as they knew which bag to look in. There was some things I took that were definitely not needed, but here is what I took.

My bag contained:
Two nightys - button down, easier to breastfeed.
Dressing gown - I get cold easily.
Hand santizer
Vaseline Lip Care
Hair brush & bobbles
Chargers - phone, iPad.
Coming home clothes
Maternity notes
Big pairs of knickers - Asda sell packs of 4/5 for about £4. They're comfy and I didn't mind if they ruined.
Sanitary towels - The night time ones, much more absorbent than maternity towels.
Toiletries - toothpaste, toothbrush, shower gel, dry shampoo, massage oil, flannel.
Small amount of make up (never used)
Socks (never used)
Breast pads (never used, milk doesn't come in till day 3)

Johns' bag:
T-shirt change for John
His glasses & a spare change of contacts
Lots of snacks - haribo, cereal bars, chewing gum & sports drinks.
Change for car parking & vending machines

Baby's bag: 
Four sleepsuits - variety of sizes incase like me you have an unexpected chubba or vice versa.
Muslin cloths
Newborn wipes
A dummy
Hats & scratch mitts
Coming home outfit & cardigan
Pram suit
Some ready made milk cartons (never used as the hospital do provide them if needed) 
Three vests (didn't really need them under his sleepsuits)

I think that was everything, but as I'm writing this post after Noahs' birth, I can't be 100% sure I've remembered absolutely everything we took. I would totally recommend Lucozade Sport as this really helped me gain some energy back after labour. A massage oil was also essential as I had most of my labour in my back, it helped when my mum rubbed my back with it during early labour. Hope this has helped anyone currently packing theirs.

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