For many parents, the question phase of a child's life is a time of exhaustive discovery. Children come out with tons of questions one after the other, and we're torn between wanting to run away with our hands over our ears to wanting to foster their desire for learning. Children love to learn - especially when they are young, but trying to keep that going isn't always easy. You were a child once, and you remember what it was like to not want to go to school and just want to curl up at home. For most kids, that's not about the lessons and more about the environment.

With the right words of encouragement, you can ensure that your growing learner is going to continue to be hungry to learn as time goes on. From using 1st grade writing prompts in your down time together, to pointing out all the signs and colors you see as you go about your way, you can encourage your little one to learn and keep their hunger for more information at the forefront of your mind. So, with this in mind, let's look at five tips for helping your children to love to learn more.

  • Keep it positive. Learning is supposed to be fun and instead of watching them do things and trying to correct it, keep them interested by using words of encouragement to get them to do more and feel like they're better at what they do. Keep as much of the learning and activities that you do together positive and exciting, and they will forever want to soak up as much information as possible. Those writing prompts won't seem so scary to your child when they know they can do it.

  • Reward with more learning. You don't need to bribe your kids with biscuits to get them to read more books. You also don't need to feel like it's a chore. Learning should be fun and you can reward their efforts with even more of it. If your child is interested in animals, make your learning around animals. Go to the zoo; watch a documentary on polar bears and read more about animals that they love. Their learning should be exciting to them - and you can make it happen.

  • Talk to them. Children worship the ground you walk on. Tell them all about the cake you're baking and the TV shows you're watching. Tell them how you do your job and tell them your dreams and wishes for your life. They want to learn as much as they can about you and from you, and you can do that with talking to them.

  • Give them patience. It's so vital that you don't get frustrated with the pace in which your children are learning. Be their cheerleader and pick them up when they're worrying.

  • Give them space to ask. Children are full of questions, and they need pace to ask you what they have on their mind. Don't tell them to go away; the best thing that you can do is answer their questions. If you don't know the answer, be honest.

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