If you are soon to be welcoming your first little bundle of joy into the world, the chances are that you have hit the nesting stage of your pregnancy. Becoming a mum is daunting, exhilarating, terrifying and joyful, all at once. The emotions that you feel throughout the third trimester of your pregnancy can be extreme at times, but you will also be preparing for the imminent arrival of your firstborn. This means getting your pad ready for tiny feet. You may have the crib to build, the nursery to decorate and the car seat to install. However, nesting can take on a mind of its own and sometimes you can feel as if you are not in control. This can be a worrying time. Follow this guide and channel your nesting instincts in the healthiest way.

If you are nervous about the birth of your baby, the chances are that your nesting can take on more negative traits. You might clean all hours of the day, cook obscene amounts of food that you don’t have room to keep, and you might feel that everyone around you is thwarting your efforts to prepare for your baby’s arrival. Think about your birthing plan, and if you don’t have anything written down in hard copy, talk to your midwife. If hospitals make you worry, don’t assume you must have your baby in a maternity ward. Consider your options. You could elect to have an at-home birth. Find a birthing pool for sale that you like the look of and go for it. If you are expected to have a normal delivery and you are not high risk medically, this could be an option. You may find that your mood lifts, your worries subside, and your nesting needs become less extreme.

If you are keen to sort the nursery, have a plan. Decorate with neutral hues and enjoy putting up some stencils, artwork or even a mural. If you are artistic, you could even have a go at a large piece of wall art yourself. Build the crib by following the instructions and find yourself a nursing chair. You could go for a new one, or opt for a second-hand option to save you some cash. Make sure that you have enough storage for clothes, toys and nappies, and enjoy pottering in the nursery. When it is complete, don’t become obsessive and reorganise on a daily basis. If you find yourself gravitating towards the finished nursery, distract yourself by reading a good book, watching something on Netflix or heading out for a walk.

If you are keen on stocking up the freezer so you have plenty of grub prepped for when you return home with your little cherub, think logically. Don’t go creating the oddest craving combos thinking that you will still be interested post-pregnancy. You won’t. Gherkins in your curry might sound appealing in your third trimester, but it’ll be food in the bin when you get it out of the freezer to reheat. Instead, go for great hearty one-pot meals. Lasagnes, casseroles, stews, and pies are ideal as they are healthy and can be reheated easily resulting in little washing up.

Follow this guide and you can nest in a healthy way as you await the arrival of your baby.

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