Children's television shows are unavoidable as part of our parenting lives, if you manage to get to having your little ones the same age as mine, without endured the likes of Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol, I can say with confidence you're probably a better parent than me. I'm pretty sure I probably tried to lure the boys into watching some form of cartoons at three weeks old just for a seconds peace. But we all know the day they do start tuning in and you can finally fold the washing without a shadow, is swiftly followed by the complete intolerance for said shows by you, and there seems to be a direct correlation between how much you hate a show, with how much they love it.

Don't be mistaken this is not a post hating on children's tv, because my goodness does it save my bacon. I'm not sure what we'd have done on flights in the past without a good old does of Pj Masks, or if I'd ever get the ironing done if Bing bunny didn't cause an unearthly amount of trouble that my boys like to fixate on. (Ok that's a slight lie, I don't iron, but you catch my point). I am not naive not to acknowledge just how useful and down right handy the shows can be, plus, it's part of childhood, I remember waking up bright and early on a Saturday morning as a kid and chomping down nesquik whilst we watched Hey Arnold and Doug, it was life and I know my boys will have similar memories. But my goodness do some of the shows drive me up the absolute wall.

Example A, Bing. I just can't. I cannot abide this bunny, and just as equally his Dad / carer / conscience, whatever on earth Flop is, if someone can shed some light onto that it would be very appreciated. I love the concept of Bing, there is a life lesson and some kind of fable element tucked in each episode, but why does he have to be so naughty to get to that point? We know our kids misbehave, but it almost feels like Horrid Henry just dressed up in a cute bunny suit, at least Henry's parents actually acknowledge what he's doing. Flop on the other hand I can't relate to, he sets the bar too high and such an unrealistic expectation of patience. Poured the cereal out forty five times Bing? No problemo. Messed around with the bath whilst it was running and almost flooded the entire house Bing? It happens don't worry. STOLE FROM THE SHOP BING? That's ok Flop will handle it! I truly can't work out if he's just completely had enough and gives no shits anymore, perhaps in the midst of a manic breakdown, or he has parenting expertise that have been handed down from the gods as I'm usually on shout-y mum with just a slight nudge of the cereal box. While we're on the topic, if someone could also fill me in on what Flop actually is, I was thinking he is channelling the inner beanbag vibe but I'm not entirely sure.

Does it end at Bing though? Absolutely not, Peppa Pig gripes me just as much, that poor Daddy Pig gets fat shamed every single episode, I don't think he can even look into the fridge without being told how big his belly is. She teases George to within an inch of his life and she's mean and bossy with all her friends, I know I know, it's 'just a show' and I'm clearly far too invested, but it definitely makes me question whether those pig parents are in-denial about what a brat they're imaginary raising or I'm actually just way too harsh in my own parenting. I'm going with the former because it plain and simple makes me feel much better, and so they join beanbag flop in the list of fictional characters that clearly have way more patience than me.

As I said this is not a blog post bashing television shows, absolutely not, they're a daily feature in our household and quite honestly they are a saviour a lot of the time. Especially if I have to get the washing put away, or talk to my Nan on the phone, now she's always calling and we have peace of mind with phones for seniors. But can we please have more parents like Horrid Henrys? Or anyone remember Cow and Chickens parents, they were always screaming and shouting, even if they were only legs.

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