Working in nurseries for over five years, it's rare that I wont have seen most toys in some variation before. Of course with that, toys fall into ones that I think are fantastic, and ones that aren't so much. Stickle Bricks have always fallen into the former category, yet for some reason we've never owned any at home ourselves, so when the opportunity came around to test out some sets, we grabbed it with both hands and here's how we've found them.

We got our paws on two sets, the first being the Stickle Bricks Build it Big Box and then the Stickle Bricks Fire Engine. We opened the build it big box first and I on first impressions, I was dubious about how much would actually be in the box, as for a construction toy it seemed quite small, the box is incredibly handy however and actually lays out piece by piece what to expect inside. I think that's a fantastic idea so it's not a random jumble in the box and you've no chance of ending up with thirty of the same pieces. I was pleasantly surprised upon opening the box just how deceiving it was, there was eighty four pieces which was plenty for both of my boys to play happily and build their own pieces. For once, no fighting over the toys.

I love Stickle Bricks because whilst they're obviously great for building and working on fine and gross motor skills, they're actually fantastic for a range of activities. They work really well for sensory play with young ones or for colour matching games too. The age guide on this set was 18m+ which I think is reasonable, as Patrick who hasn't longed turned two could manage it quite well without any real help from me. It's a really good base set that would work well to build upon and let little ones get the feel of if they're into construction.

Next up was the fire engine set, I loved that this came in a tub that you could pop all the pieces back in afterwards, I hate finding new homes for toys so it was super handy that it already came in one. This set again was deceiving, judging by the box I couldn't anticipate just how far the pieces inside would go, but I was wrong. It would work well as a stand alone set or in addition to the build it big box above. Both boys had a play around with this set and whilst the age again was 18m+, Noah definitely found it easier to build the fire engine, whilst Patrick was happy using his imagination to put the bricks together in his own concoction.

I think the Stickle Bricks toys would make great gifts, especially as it's fast approaching Christmas (I know, I said the C word), but my boys have really enjoyed building with them over the past week and we've seen everything from houses and cars, to people and santas grotto. It's really helped them build on their imagination and it's been lovely to see them helping each other out and watch their little creations grow.

*This is a paid review, however all opinions are our own.

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