Don't be fooled by the title, Autumn is by far my most favourite season as it technically stretches until December 21st, which means it's generally filled with festive excitement, cosy sweaters and duvet snuggles. However like most things in life, Autumn being no different, there are some things that I'd like to leave behind and quite honestly dread every time September rolls around again. I'm not letting my brain fully sink into Autumnal mode just yet, as we have a little sneaky summer getaway planned for the end of the month.

Giant spiders - I can deal with those thin legged almost laughable excuses for spiders, but Autumn brings in a new kind. A fearless, 'I'm going to run you out of your house' kind, and if it came down to it, I have no issue with letting the spiders win residence in my home. They are ginormous. It's usually our kitchen that sees the worse of them, already homing three alone this week. I thank my lucky stars that each time I've discovered one John has been home to deal with them because otherwise that room would be evacuated until he was. I know this isn't an issue if you don't mind our friendly eight legged but I certainly do and therefore it's one of the huge drawbacks for this time of year.

Cold mornings - Waking up isn't ever easy, mainly because I have a child that thinks sleep is for the weak. But, Autumn just makes those mornings that little bit harder because it's so god damn cold. The sky is dark and something about waking whilst it's pitch black outside feels wrong. In summer if I wake and it's dark I know I'm safe in the knowledge I probably have a good couple of hours sleep left before it's time for work. However in Autumn, I can wake at 6:15am, see the darkness, be lulled into thinking I have more sleep to be had only to realise I'm actually running late. It's depressing, and it never gets easier. Dark evenings I can handle, but the mornings? No thank you.

Defrosting my car - It's almost upon us, I've seen stores beginning to occupy their entrance ways with baskets of de-icer and windscreen scrapers. It's depressing, nobody likes adding a further five minutes onto their commute each morning by having to run around the car in the freezing cold scraping off ice. In the same breath I'm not quite resentful enough to purchase one of those god awful sheets and spend an equally frustrating amount of time wrapping it around my car every night, thus, the morning scrape will continue.

Shops do not co-operate - Surely shops are aware that as soon as September draws in, people are thinking of the C word. We're slap bang in the middle of September right now and I'm yet to see a witch hat in stores, never mind crackers. I like to prepare and be organised, I've been thinking about Christmas on the down low since July, but now September is here and I can release the crazy, stores aren't on board? Come on! I've spied a few sneaky additions online, with the likes of Matalan and Boots revealing some of their lines for the festive season. But I'm just dying to see those big tins of chocolates and advent calendars in stores.

Though Autumn will forever be my favourite season, there's still the odd niggles that I'd change if I could. I'd happily banish spiders to spring and dark mornings to summer in favour of a perfect Autumn. But I guess we have to take the good with the bad right? What's your favourite season and if you could change a thing about Autumn, what would it be?

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