Holidaying alone, just me and John was something I had firmly waved goodbye to as soon as we realised I was carrying Noah. I expected the next time we boarded a plane, sans children would be well into our forties. Yet here we are, four years down the line just moments away from that exact holiday and though it seems unpopular to admit it, I'm really looking forward to it. Travelling abroad with children in a lot of aspects isn't exactly a holiday, especially when you have more than one child, it's hard, really, really hard. I spoke about some of our struggles in a previous post, after we returned from our family holiday in May, though I love letting our sons explore the world half of me needed another break when we returned just to recover.

Holidays with children aren't the same as before, and there is a lot of things I miss. I know everybody's idea of a break away is different but mine is firmly one full of relaxation, I've mentioned previously that as a child and teenager I've been fortunate to travel to some seriously exotic places and my parents, much to my dismay at the time, lugged us onto so many trips and expeditions during our weeks away that the idea of spending hours on a sticky coach to then walk around ruins is so unappealing to me. So, what is appealing and what can't I wait to do again now we're holidaying solo?

Sunbathe - No nap time restrictions, no squeals of 'Mum I need a wee' from the pool, nothing. Just pure, uninterrupted hours of sunbathing. Of course I'm pre-empting an absolute scorcher of a weekend (I'm sure I'll be very wrong) but I intend to rarely move my bottom from the sun loungers once they hit it. We're heading to my parents villa in Alicante so we'll have complete privacy to relax and soak up those rays. Except not really John as he's paler than the factor 50 suncream he shall be applying.

Late nights - Late nights are in short supply here, if it's not because we have work the next day, it's the fear of our 15 month old waking us every single hour that night, or of course the heavy burden tiredness brings whilst trying to parent two children under four. None of those thoughts will be entering our head however, as I'm sure we shall spend the four nights up till the early hours either in bars sipping cocktails, having late night dips in the pool or on the terrace enjoying the evening breeze putting the world to rights.

Travelling light - Though as quite a stereotypical woman, I don't travel that light. Thankfully I did anticipate we might get this break, so I left a lot of things I wouldn't need at home, at their villa in May when we last visited. It means though I'm not battling my luggage with nappies, wipes and milton tablets and instead leaving more room for shoes, make up and 101 dresses that I shall never wear.

Reading a book - I can't tell you the last time I managed to read a book on holiday, life has been hectic for the past four years so it's most certainly before that. Just when Noah reached an age where I could sneak 20 minutes to have a flick through my WHSmith purchase, we decided to mix things up and pop out another mini man cub. Knowing Patrick, he will be around 12 when he gives me the chance to do anything by myself again, so book reading is out of the equation. For our little break though, I've stashed away two books that I know I'll be right into as soon as those wheels leave the tarmac.

What do you miss about travelling before children?