I made a little mantra to myself to be more positive, don't get me wrong I'm not one of these people sat warning off  'negativity' with incense around the house, I understand there are times when you are bound to feel down and negative, which is a perfectly normal, part and parcel of daily life - but I do believe positivity breeds positivity. I've followed the beautiful Emily's gratitude lists since she started over six months ago, even though they aren't relative to me as they're her thoughts and feelings, I cant' help but feel a little pick me-up when I read them myself. It's a fantastic idea and one that I want to try to do occasionally myself, starting today. It's easy to feel grateful for material things as it's physical, but more and more as parents I think we find happiness in the little things in life; - the toddler eating their meal without a tantrum, successfully avoiding a danger nap with the baby, a full nights sleep and a washing basket empty.

I don't think I'm a pessimist, yes I call a bad egg a bad egg, but my view of life on the whole is from a pretty happy and positive point of view. But as with everyone, it can be incredibly easy to get bogged down from time to time, the waves of self doubt wash in and a fog of deprecation can descend. Todays post will be featuring ten things I'm really grateful for right this very moment, some things may not be current, may have passed or be ongoing but by including a wider variety of things I have to be grateful for, it should make this post one I can reflect on in days, weeks or months to come and still have the same gratitudinal feelings that I do right now. So, this week I'm grateful for;

1. We've just had a lovely 8 days away together on our first family holiday abroad as a four!!

2. I'm work with a group of really supportive women which helps make me extremely happy and content with my job.

3. I was able to meet John on my lunch now we work closer, and spend an hour together child free.

4. I've arranged a trip up to Manchester to visit my Sister and brother in law, which includes a trip out to Chester Zoo too.

5. I received a £250 love2shop voucher for taking part in a twitter chat. I have absolutely no clue what to spend it on yet.

6. Finally ordering a new phone since my screen has been cracked for almost a year (yes John sat on it during Patricks labour)

7. Having my second wage back from maternity leave, which is still leaving me feeling as if I've hit the big time.

8. Three very exciting opportunities for my blog this week.

9. Getting a lie in on my wake up day this weekend, both boys sneakily slept till 8:30.

10. John bringing me up a warm vimto as I lay in bed with a sore throat, it was exactly what I needed at that exact time.


  1. Yes for gratitude lists! Just idly scrolling through twitter and saw your post pop up on my feed :-) Love this, fab little list. Brought a smile on my face reading yours too ;-) x

  2. OH, gratitude list! I need to do one as well. I'm glad to hear you had a fun family holiday :-)

  3. Ah, this is lovely! Such a great idea too. I do similar, thinking of one positive thing that has happened each day, it's a great help!

  4. What a great idea to make a list of things you are grateful for. I do miss have a wage since giving up work, but (at the moment) I much prefer being at home with Isla to bring at work!

  5. This is so nice to read! I need to be more positive so I may have to use the idea in future on the blog. It's nice to see the good things in the everyday xx

  6. What a lovely list! Looks like you've got some brilliant things to look forward to too. x

  7. Awww lovely things to feel happy about. Great news about your work and your blog, glad things are going well and coping with family too :)

  8. Meeting your other half for lunch sounds great! A rare bit of time without kids is never a bad thing (even if you do spend most your time talking about them 😂)

  9. Lots of things to feel grateful for! I need to go back to writing a gratitude list because I'm terrible at feeling unmotivated at the moment ox

  10. Sounds like a great week and loads to be thankful for. Sometimes, we can easily forget to sit back and show gratitude, even for the smallest of things, and no time like starting like the present.