Baby Dos Wishlist

  1. We already have two moses baskets for baby, one for at my parents house and our gorgeous Izzi Wot Not one at home. But nothing will stop me lusting after a Sleepyhead, I love how they cocoon baby into feeling like they are back in the womb again, or even in your arms - thus usually making them sleep a little longer. 
  2. The wonderful Oxo Tot never cease to amaze me with their inventions, and I love this bottle drainer. It's ideal to keep bottles completely separate from any other dishes that are drying and ensures that you aren't going to get a wet worktop as the little draining board underneath catches all the excess water in. 
  3. BabyMoov have designed this fantastic swing that I've had my eye on for some time. With Noah we had the Graco Slumber Swing which was a complete godsend, so I'm glad we've kept it. But the BabyMoov just seems to have stepped it up a gear, with an automatic movement sensor, allowing the swing to rock baby back to sleep if it detects they have woken - genius!
  4. Ewan The Dream Sheep - Need I say anymore? We used white noise apps on our phone when Noah was younger as I had absolutely no idea about Ewan then. Now I'm aware and I want one.
  5. Lastly is this beautiful Pink Linings holdall. I this this is absolutely perfect for a hospital bag, and would love to be able to use this, it would be super handy for my Sisters wedding which is in August, as we'll be spending 4 nights away from home. It does lean towards the more girlie side but I really don't mind as baby boy's things will be in a completely separate bag. Plus, what boy can't rock pink these days?

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  1. I have a post on Ewan amazing!