A Pregnancy Favourite

Not much matters more to me in pregnancy - particularly in the latter stages, than comfort. A brand I used as my go to when pregnant with Noah was Cussons - Mum & Me range, so as you can imagine the very moment I took a huge inhale of the familiar smell this time around, all of those wonderful memories of my first pregnancy came flooding back and I knew this little bag of goodies was going to be a winner again.

This little gift pack by Cussons is an absolutely perfect gift for not only a pregnant friend or relative, but yourself. It contains a generous sample of each of their products from their 'Bump' range, allowing you to sample the whole lot at once. As I mentioned before, I adore the scent of this range, it's so calming and sweet - without being overpowering or sickly and I know for-evermore if I smell anything close to this smell, it will take me right back to the months I carried both of my boys.

The pack contains a lovely pot of stretch mark cream, their soothe and nourish body lotion, hydrate and nourish shower cream and my ultimate favourite - the Relax and Unwind Bath Soak. I love my baths in pregnancy, especially just before bed as it really helps me relax and ensure I get a good night sleep, but without fail every time I use their soak, I drift off that little bit quicker than normal. It's packed with Camomile which no doubt aids my relaxation, so it's safe to say I have had to nip out to buy the fullsize of this already during this pregnancy (I like to use extremely generous amounts).

I also really love the way Cussons not only have developed a bath time range for bump and beyond, but for New Mums too. I definitely feel there aren't many brands aiming their products solely at those first few months of being a new mummy, when lets face it, our skin is usually at it's dullest and our tiredness at it's peak. I cannot wait to get my hands on that range when this little one decides to make his appearance.

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