John Lewis Baby Bath Support Review

I would recommend this product to anyone. This was our game changer for bath times with Noah. We purchased it a few days after Christmas, so Noah was around three weeks old. And up until that point, he'd absolutely hated baths. Perhaps he could sense we felt a bit anxious holding him over his baby bath? Or maybe he generally just didn't like being held in the water, we'll never know. But what I do know now he is absolutely LOVES bath time, and I can safely say it's down to this seat / support.

We use it like this:

We purchased it from John Lewis at around £10, you can get that here. It can clip rest over the edge of a baby bath like above, or you can pop it laying down in your normal adult bath. It makes it so much easier, especially if I'm bathing Noah alone, because I have both my hands free, although I like to keep one on him anyway (just in case) It's made of cloth which I particularly like and find different to most baby supports / seats, because that way I can pop it in the water first, so it's nice and warm on his back. It also means he isn't sliding around on it, or is it sticking to his back, like plastic would. Plus, it's then machine washable, which is a huge bonus. Noah could sit in the bath for hours I'm sure if we let him, he sits so contently on his seat, looking around, smiling, and it's made washing him very easy as he's not screaming his little lungs out and fidgeting around. Bath time is now a delight in our household & we look forward to it every evening, as I'm sure Noah does too!

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