How I get through night feeds.

Night feeds are one of the most exhausting things about being a parent. I am a lady who unashamedly loves her sleep, and nothing feels worse than when you've spent hours settling your little one late at night, to realise now they're finally asleep but will be up in a couple of hours for a feed. Of course I would do anything for my son, without a doubt, but it's hard, it's an exhaustion that no amount of book reading, can prepare you for. Here are a few of my little ways that help me get through.

1. Recording programmes. I'm often so busy in the day, I don't really get time to sit down and watch my favourite programmes on TV, so thank The Lord for Sky+. During the daytime I set many different programmes to record, and then it makes it slightly easier getting up, knowing I have a good documentary to watch whilst I'm feeding and settling Noah back to sleep. It makes the time fly and takes my mind off how tired I feel.

2. Prepare my mind in advance. If I tell myself he's going to be awake for an hour and a half, then if he drops off any sooner it's a total bonus for me in the extra sleep department. The nights where I'm convinced he'll drop off straight after his bottle, are often the nights he ends up being awake for a good couple of hours. A bit of fooling myself always work. If I tell myself he's not going to settle quickly, it's a lovely surprise when he does, and if he doesn't, I was expecting it anyway.

3. Appreciation. Night time feeds won't last forever, and although tiring, I'll miss sitting on the sofa, looking down at my peaceful, content little boy, who's usually staring straight back at my, studying my face so carefully. It's a special bonding time and in those precious minutes, nothing can compare.

4. At least I'm not John. Slightly mean, but I do like it after Noah's 5am feed, when I'm settling him back to sleep and the other half is getting up for work. Yeah I might be tired, and still trying to get him to sleep in another half an hour, but, I get to return to that nice cosy bed. Something which John won't see again till the evening. I can slob around all day in my pjs if I want, and who cares if I don't venture outside into the freezing cold? Unfortunately the other half doesn't have such luxuries. (Ha ha) 

Noah's two months yesterday and already he sometimes sleeps through his night feed, so I know they will go completely shortly. I won't be as tired and it'll make the daytime easier, but for now I'm happy to spend some peaceful one on one bonding time with my little pudding, in the deep hours of the night. 


  1. Night feeds are definitely the hardest part of being a mother. At least it gets easier as they grow! AND coffee is now your new best friend!

  2. I can slowly feel them easing! Yay! I'm definitely looking forward to them ending though, no more eye bags :)

  3. The 4th one is so true ;)