Noah You're Six Weeks Old.

So with each Sunday passing, making you a whole week older, this week means you're now six weeks old. Time is going so fast, and you're little personality is developing more and more with each coming day.

Your feeding hasn't changed much since your month update. You still take a whole 7oz of Cow & Gate, hungrier baby milk which you love. You finish your bottles almost every time and you know instantly when we pop your muslin under your chin, that it's time for your bottle. Your little eyes are always fixed straight on us as we're feeding you & you study our faces very carefully. I've tried a little bit of Infacol before your feeds this week, as I think you're struggling to get your wind up sometimes, but that seems to have gone now so you're off it again.

We're almost in the ideal routine I'd like to keep you in. You wake around 9:30am and I bring you into bed with me for 30 minutes, you either fall back asleep or I just babble away to you whilst you coo back and smile. We then get up, I change your nappy & get you dressed for the day. After your late morning feed, you play happily on your playmat until I am ready and then we venture off out together, sometimes to the shops, sometimes for a walk around the village or out with Nanny. When Daddy comes home, he likes to play with you until bath and feeding time before we try to get you down for the night. The only thing I'd like to change is to try to get you to sleep earlier in the evenings. You don't like to go to sleep after your 10pm feed, and often stay up until around 1am. However you have a couple of times this week, slept all the way through from your 2am until 8/9am! What a good boy you are.

You're smiling!! Not just spontaneous smiles, but full responsive smiles. You especially adore me telling you 'I love you Noah' and do the biggest smiles at me. You like it when your Uncle Egg tickles your tummy and we've even managed to catch some of these big smiling sessions on video. This week your personality has really come through and you really are such a happy and smiley baby. You've even begun to smile away at your musical toys on your playmat in the mornings, which melts my heart every single time.

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