Moses Basket Drama & Resolve.

So this past week we've had a bit of trouble getting Noah to rest down in his Moses Basket. To be honest, he'd been like that since he was born, but we'd persevered, until about a week ago when it got pretty difficult and we knew we needed a solution. Noah would often wake after around 5/10 minutes of being put down, and then we'd have to go through the whole settling him routing and putting him down again. It would often happen between 2-4 times before we'd actually manage to get him down and stay down. Now firstly I must say this was not my idea at all, and all credit goes to the Blissful Baby Expert (@blissfulbabyexp on twitter) her complete genius has saved us lots of sleep already. And I'd recommend buying her book when it comes out in Feb, I know I will be.

So it basically consists of getting a couple of towels (or one huge one as we have done) and rolling it up, you then place it in a horseshoe shape around the bottom of your babies Moses Basket. Ensure that it leaves a space at the top which is towel free for your babies head and shoulders. Then as you would normally, wrap your baby in their blanket, and place them on their side in the middle of the horseshoe. This lures your baby into an almost false sense that they're still in your arms, therefore helping them sleep with that thought in their mind.

This is our Moses Basket above, (It's from Mamas & Papas if anyone is interested) do excuse the blue sheet, Noah has been sick on his last white one and they're all in the wash, oh motherhood. Anyway, it really has worked complete wonders for me and John with Noah. No more holding him in our arms in the basket, no more tiptoeing round him once we'd put him down and more importantly, no more waking up after five minutes of him being put down. Once again full credit to Blissful Baby Expert & her wonderful, sleep saving idea.

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  1. Such a great tip! I would have tried this if we hadn't already put Harry in his cot!! So glad it's working for you :-) x