My beautiful boy, my first love, my first son. Noah, you are nine. I should count myself amongst the luckiest on this planet that I've got to experience nine whole years of you, you light up a room, you're hard working, determined, thoughtful and kind hearted. The past year has been a mixed one for you, a bit of a rollercoaster, so many highs but some scary lows too, I'm glad we're ending it in a really good place for you. Of course, you being you, nothing has ever really tipped you and you've remained your cool, calm and composed self as always, leaving me in awe of you once more. Ever since the moment you appeared earth side, everyone said you looked like a mini me, but this year I really do see it, my little twin!

So what have you done this year? You managed to early on in the year break your ankle, that wasn't something we really had on the to-do list but like with everything, you took it in your stride and actually enjoyed being on crutches (crazy babe). It took us ten times longer to go anywhere, it made getting dressed and showering fun but it did get you a lot of attention for being the cutest little button hopping around on one leg. It didn't stop you for long and before the end of the football season you got back into it, taking your amazing corners and having fun with your team again, you guys even beat the year above at the end of season match! You finished year three and entered into year four, I think you was ready for it, a new challenge and so far so good, you're completely thriving as you always have, making me proud every single day.

This term with school you got to go swimming every week, I even popped along for the last month to help out and see you swim, you really are a little Dolphin in the water. Not something that took me by surprise as you're excelling in your normal weekly lessons, moving up steadily through the groups, I think that's something else you're going to take after me for as swimming was always something I really shone at too. With your love of water you decided that a pool party was what you wanted at the local leisure centre, with the big inflatable course in the water and all the floats, everyone had the best time and of course Aunty Lu pulled it out of the bag AGAIN with the best cake yet, an air crash cake. Something you still talk about now weeks later. 

We sadly lost one of our favourite people this year, Olly Nanna, it was something we dreaded but knew was coming for a couple of months. You'd hoped she might be here to see you turn nine and sadly that didn't happen, but you're just as tuned into the little signs she sends to let us know she's here as I am. I know you'll never forget her, you talk about her daily and I know she's always watching over you. The other hard part of the year was our scare with you and your what we now have diagnosed, migraines. MRI scan? Completed it mate. Not only that but the staff applauded how fantastic you were, you didn't move a muscle, making me beam with pride. Thankfully after a lot of worry and some really sinister things mentioned, we got our answers and no sooner did we get your diagnosis did we get to put your meds to action and thankfully they're working amazing for you. For a couple of months migraines really did plague your day to day, but now we're on the other side and you're back to living your best life.

You've managed to squeeze in so many exciting things this year, visiting London again, we've ticked off the Concorde museum and the local air museum too, you became a big cousin and you have started accompanying Gangan to watch Villa lose. Ending the year on a high, you got the best gift from Nanna and Gangan for your birthday, you've made no secret of your ambitions to be a pilot, something I've no doubt you'll achieve. With that in mind you got to have a real life flight simulation, the exact simulators that pilots practice in. You flew out from Dubai Airport and back into it, gaining your little certificate - 'the best day of my life ever'. It was so lovely to see you doing what you adore, so many questions and so much interest, something the pilot guiding you loved. So Noah, it's a wrap on being eight, let's hope that your nineth year earthside brings you nothing but happiness because that is certainly what you bring to my life my handsome son.

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