What happens when your partner gets a job abroad?

 Picture the situation. Your partner has a job offer abroad. The company promises to help organise the move and secure the accommodation for the family. They will also pay for the relocation, which takes a burden off your shoulders. 

Perhaps, you even find that moving abroad would be a great new start for the family. It will be an amazing experience for the children and yourself. Besides, after a long lockdown, it can be exciting to discover new horizons. However, despite the foreign company’s support, there are still a lot of things you worry about. A change of horizon and air can be great. But what about the administrative hassle that it includes?

Are we even allowed to move abroad?

Typically, when a company hires a foreign professional, it will also be involved in the application for a work visa. In other words, if your partner needs a work permit, the job offer can already get the process started. However, when it comes to the rest of the family, you might need the help of an immigration solicitor to settle abroad. An immigration specialist can help figure out the best option to bring the family abroad safely and legally. In some cases, depending on your background and history, you may not need an additional application, such as if you’re a dual citizen. But if you are moving away from the UK, you want to entrust your case to a professional who understands the legal requirements to meet. 

What about my job?

If you already work from home, you can make sure to maintain your income as long as you’ve got access to a safe connection. Self-employed individuals may consider reaching out to a tax specialist to keep things clear and organised. If you are employed by a British company, it can be helpful to explain the situation to the HR team. Some businesses are not willing to let staff go. So you may be able to continue to work remotely from the same company once you move abroad. 

On the other hand, if you wish to apply for a position in y our new country, you may need to secure a work visa in some locations. You might also find it helpful to research a qualification recognition programme. Some organisations can ensure your degrees and certifications remain recognisable abroad. 

How can we keep the kids at school?

Changing countries with children can be daunting. You naturally worry about their education. Thankfully, a variety of options are available to ensure kids don’t miss out. Homeschooling is a popular choice for digital nomads with children, as it means kids can carry on learning from anywhere in the world. If you choose to send your kids to school, however, you’ll need to do your homework. International schools ensure students maintain a connection to their first language. They also have a rich curriculum designed to appeal to international children. Joining a local school is also a valuable option. Children will be able to make new friends and adapt to their new lifestyle more rapidly. Local schools expose children to the local language, helping them learn and catch up in due time. 

Are you ready to move abroad? It can be a chance to discover something new as a family. Most families who choose to relocate to a foreign country find they enjoy their new lifestyle and quality of life. However, you need to sort out the first administrative hurdles before you can find joy in the experience.

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