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If you’ve been invited to a baby shower, or if one of your friends or family members is having a baby, you may feel that you want to bring along some sort of gift that will prove useful for them and their family. Having a little one is a big life change - whether they’re the person’s first, second, third or more. Every new baby needs a lot to be brought up comfortably, healthily and happily and this can be costly. Any gift is likely to be greatly appreciated by any parent to be. Plus, it shows that you care! You’re actively looking for something that will make their life easier and the baby happier. Of course, there are countless gifts you can get for parents to be. But here are just a few of the most popular. Each could prove to be a really great purchase that makes for a really great gift!

Newborn Photography

Let’s start with newborn photography. Nowadays, we all take pictures of everything day in and day out using our smartphones. Chances are, the parents to be are going to document near enough every moment of their little one’s development. Sure, smartphones are great quality and can take pretty good pictures. But nothing quite beats the equipment, eye and creativity of a professional photographer. As a special treat, why not book some newborn photography for the parents to be? A specialist in newborn photography can take stunning images that capture the newborn and the whole family in a beautiful light. The end images are bound to be astounding and something that your loved ones will treasure for life. It will also give everyone something to look back on fondly!

Pregnancy Pillows

Of course, gifts for women who are pregnant are bound to be appreciated. Pregnancy is a difficult and often uncomfortable process, so why not consider something that can help your pregnant loved ones out? Pregnancy pillows are generally greatly appreciated. Now, posture isn’t something that the average person tends to think about on a day to day basis. Good posture is ingrained and something that we do without thinking, or it is something that a few of us completely neglect, standing, sitting, and lying in ways that are less than ideal for our wellbeing. Even at usual times exactly as we please and experiencing aches and pains as a result. During pregnancy, maintaining good posture can be pretty difficult. Remember, a pregnant person’s posture is offset by their bump and they can find themselves easily leaning forward or back to accommodate it. Most commonly, a lot more weight will be placed on their front, placing pressure on their back and leading to an increased susceptibility to pulls, aches, and pains. Pregnancy pillows can really help with this. Put simply, pregnancy pillows are specially shaped pillows that can be used to correct posture in pregnant women in a soft and gentle way. A pregnancy pillow can be used to make lying down or sitting down a whole lot more comfortable, as the pillow will be able to support wider parts of the person’s body than a standard pillow. When sitting, a pregnancy pillow can also be placed near the lumbar of their back for additional support. Some pregnancy pillows can even be used while driving for additional support and comfort. Make sure to read plenty of reviews and find a good quality pregnancy pillow. It makes for a truly great present!

Swaddling Clothes

Chances are plenty of people are going to buy baby clothes for the newborn. This is cute and baby clothes do make a great gift. But have you considered buying something a little different to help your gift stand out from the crowd instead? Swaddling clothes ae a great form of baby clothes that can be comfortable for the baby and provide the parent with less crying and a more soundly sleeping baby instead. Now, many people aren’t all too familiar with what swaddling is. But it has been around for a long time and many parents swear by it! Put simply, swaddling is an ancient practice which involves snugly wrapping your baby in a thin blanket. Why do this? Well, it’s supposed to help the baby feel safe and secure, as they can’t move around too much and are more likely to sleep soundly when they feel hugged by the fabric they are in. Many people report that swaddling can help to soothe their baby and there are even reports of reduced excessive crying. Any new parent will love this! Plus, swaddling clothes and swaddling cloths are a relatively inexpensive gift, so great for those operating on a budget. Generally speaking, muslin options are most recommended. Why? Well, muslin is a particularly soft material that is great for newborns’ sensitive skin. Let the parent know that swaddling cloths are ideal for newborns and are good to be used until the baby grows out of them - they may seem to escape their swaddle, in which case, they may have grown too old for it.


A highly practical and cost effective gift? Bibs. All babies get through tens and tens of bibs. A bib needs to be changed multiple times a day - when food is dropped on it, if the baby is sick on it, if it’s dropped on the floor outdoors. The more bibs a parent has, the better. Plus, having plenty means that dirty bibs can be saved to wash in a general wash rather than having to wash individual bibs day in and day out. Plus, this can be a really fun gift. There are countless bib designs out there, from plain and simple to bright and bold. There are also novelty seasonal bibs that can go down a storm too! If you want to go all out, consider a personalised bib with the baby’s name on it!

These are just a few suggestions of ideal gifts for parents to be. Keep them in mind for your next baby shower and make sure to shop in advance to get the best quality for the best price!


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