If you haven't heard of PJ Masks then you must have been hidden under a rock, my boys are absolutely infatuated with them. Having met them in the flesh this weekend, you can imagine how many times we've heard the words Owlette and Catboy in the past twenty four hours. So when the opportunity to road test the brand new PJ Masks Lights and Sounds Robot came up, we grabbed it with both hands, which I'm grateful for as having had a good week or so experimenting with it, I know it's one of those toys that is going to be kicking around the house for quite some time.

The PJ Robot does specify it is suitable for ages 3+, however with adult supervision we were quite happy letting Patrick (aged 2) have a play too, it's a very versatile toy and would appeal to most children under the age of ten. It's exciting, interesting and will definitely grab everyone's attention when you first flick it on. Just like the robot on the show, it rolls and beeps with a tonne of different expressions and sounds.

To activate the robot you simply push his head down, a good firm go should set him on his way. Something I quite like as you know it's not going to be a toy that will be setting itself off in the cupboard at 1am, at the slightest touch. The initial push will initiate his lights and sounds as well as different facial expressions on each press - he also spins around so be wary for that one as it can make you jump a little (all part of the fun and the little ones found this hilarious).

We road tested our robot on kitchen flooring, tables and carpet and found he moved with such ease, even on the carpet which really took me by surprise as I assumed it may struggle. So don't be put off if your flooring isn't wood because that doesn't hinder the robots movements in the slightest, he still whizzed around our living room like crazy. He came with batteries which was a huge plus, however be aware there is a 'demo mode', so ensure you check underneath and flick it into 'on' to get the full use of him.

At 20cm tall it's quite a substantial toy, though not too big or bulky for toy boxes. My boys absolutely loved it, even still a week later the novelty hasn't come close to wearing off. Retailing at £29.99 it's reasonable and definitely one to add onto the Santa list this year if you carry a PJ Mask fan in your household.

*We were sent the robot in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.


  1. Oh well this one looks pretty cool. Mimi would actually love one of these.

  2. Rachel evansAugust 21, 2018

    Wow looks great, my kids would love it!

  3. Oh this sounds different! I can see this being a big player on christmas lists this year! xx

  4. Wow! Elsa would love this! x

  5. Wow my kids would love this!

  6. Your toy game is strong Em! haha, Can Amelia and I just come over and play with the boys as we love PJ Masks too! x

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