Toddlers are feisty, they have their own mind and opinions on what they want to do and certainly on what they don't want to do. It can be incredibly hard to keep them busy or to even get them to sit still, I certainly struggle even getting a photograph of Noah these days with full co-operation, he's a little like a blender with no lid on at times. But, I am noticing that his attention span is much longer than it used to be, we recently did our first cinema trip with him and he absolutely loved it (Trolls is now a firm favourite in our household) he sat so well throughout. Just last week he managed two 3 hour flights seamlessly and shall be doing the same again next week - it's safe to say he can take on a lot more in terms of activities. So, that's what I'm talking about today.

Summer is fast approaching and for many of us that means holidays, whether it's just time at home if nursery doesn't run during school breaks or actual time away, if you're like us, abroad. It can be hard trying to keep little ones entertained and stimulated, of course there is the digital nannies (ie. ipads and televisions) but is it just me or is there a huge wave of guilt that comes with letting little ones sit in front of them for hours on end? I much prefer it when I know Noahs actually doing something a) he enjoys and b) it's good for him or (a bonus) educational. Today I'm going to share some super fun and easy activities you can set up for your toddler to occupy themselves, I know a lot of working-from-home mums visit my blog and sometimes work and child time do overlap, how better to ease that guilt when it does, by providing some of these quick and simple activities? Rattan Direct are also pretty keen to know how you keep your little one entertained, so make sure you head over to their survey to give them that info.

  • Build a fort. I'll be honest, I even enjoy doing this one for Noah. 
  • Thread penne pasta onto spaghetti.
  • Picking up wooden / duplo blocks, with kitchen tongs.
  • A car wash, give them a washing up bowl & sponge and some cars or dollies to scrub.
  • Threading pipe cleaners through a colander.
  • Painting with water on coloured paper / card. (Mess free - yay!)
  • Ripping magazines or newspaper - you'll be surprised how much they love this.
  • Sand and shaving foam - moon sand!
  • Freeze small toy animals in ice cube trays, give them a spoon to 'dig them out'
  • Cellotape pens to the back of their cars and run them across paper
  • Water beads (super cheap on ebay and reusable)
(ps. excuse the lipstick kisses on Noahs face - I told you keeping a toddler still is hard)

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