I'm a sucker for a good hair tool, I don't think you can have too many. Especially after I realised just before Christmas that my beloved GHD's were slowly breaking, and found myself abandoned with no alternative to tame the frizz, I realised it was quite vital to have options shall we say? Thankfully, Lee Stafford reached out to me and asked if I'd like to trial their cordless hair straighteners, which of course I bit there hand off to do so. I'd never used cordless hair straighteners before, in my younger days they'd always been way out of my budget though I'd lusted after them a lot, but at a bargain £49.99 on amazon at the minute - can you really go wrong with these?

When I unboxed these beauties, I was quite surprised to feel how much they weighed, in comparison to a lot of other Lee Stafford hair tools I have used and reviewed, these were definitely on the heavier side. Though it did make them feel a lot sturdier and I feel that these straighteners could potentially survive any long haul flight in a suitcase, accidental knocks off dressing tables, you catch my drift. My initial impressions were good, they are sleek, strong and have seriously simple instructions to follow to get started, in fact I didn't even look at the instructions at first if I am honest because they were incredibly straightforward to set up. Perfect for a mum like me who has to get ready in a time frame of approximately thirty five seconds.

The tools did heat up incredibly fast too, which was another great bonus when you are limited for time, though I do have to mention I felt as though when I removed them from the base they cooled really quickly, only allowing me to straightened a little piece of my hair at a time, which was a shame. The plates have curved edges, which make them ideal for doubling up as curlers and I think having to pop them down to 'recharge' with heat would work a lot easier if you were curling you hair, as it allows you time to section it off etc, though when straightening I have to admit it was a little less than ideal. However, to avoid that trouble you are able to remove the cord from the stand and plug it directly into your straighteners, so if you don't want to use them cordless, then you have the option. A huge plus in my eyes as it's something that not many other cordless hair tools actually offer.

Overall if I am totally honest, they weren't my most favourite hair tools I have used. It was disappointing as I love Lee Stafford products, but these just were not for me. I think perhaps had I not already own GHD's which are my absolute holy grail product, then these would have been enough to do the job, but as I was constantly comparing them in my mind to the ghds, they of course didn't match up. However, I am sure they'll be lovely for someone else, so that's why I'm giving a pair away so you can test them out for yourself. Follow the instructions below to be in with a chance.

*I was sent these in exchange for an honest review.

Win Lee Stafford Cordless Straighteners #4


  1. These look lovely & I don't have ghds to compare them to... I don't even have straighteners to compare them to haha xx

  2. I love that these have no cord to get tangled in!

  3. these are great idea count me in

  4. I've had my straighteners since 2009 so i am deffo overdue for an upgrade LOL

  5. WOW,these look fab,i LOVE the fact they are rechargeable so you don't get wrapped up in the wire haha,Thanks for the chance-PLEASE count me in? :) xxx