We're Half Way!

So I cannot believe we're over half way already, it's absolutely crazy and in true fashion of many second time mothers 'it's really flown by'. (It isn't cliche though, it's true!) I thought I'd update on how things are going, which thankfully is a little bit easier than the first trimester.

How far along 21 weeks.

What's my baby up to this week? Little mister has been kicking up a storm in his little womb house which is so lovely now because I get my little reassurances from him and it's a huge comforter. Although John is still yet to be able to feel one, I think when they move a little higher they'll be stronger, at the moment they're usually down around my tummy button.

Sleep. Sleep in everyday life really isn't an issue for me, I'm a light sleeper but I have sleep stamina and can easily rack up 12 hours and still feel shattered. Occasionally I struggle to drop off, so I'll find some calm music on youtube and pop it on my phone till I can feel myself drifting and then I'm good till morning. I've really, really, tried my hardest till now to push through the 1, 3, and 5 am bladder wake ups and I think it's taking it's toll as my midwife has told me off a little after a urine sample and said I must be careful as holding your urine obviously isn't good for your waterworks. 

Best moment this week. Definitely getting our decorating finished at home. We needed a new carpet in our room and our spare room, as well as a repaint of both rooms. Noah will be moving into the spare room as it's bigger than his current one & then his current room will be the babies nursery. We wanted these to be done asap, mainly so I could help out and so Noah has time to settle before baby comes along. It's now all done and we're just to make the finishing touches, which is a massive weight off my shoulders.
Miss anything. Being able to smell freely. As ridiculous as it sounds, my food aversions are still massively high and I think it's due to my sniffer dog nose, I wish it would calm down because I am still often sick and feel nauseous which is such a pain in the butt. 

Maternity clothes. I haven't bought any in a while as I made sure I got some early on in the Christmas sales, and those are still serving me well. 

Movement. Lot's of the little bubble pop kicks, but I'm excited for John and Noah to be able to join in on the feeling frenzy and real rolls, twists and strong kicks.

Food cravings. I'm not really having any as I didn't with Noah, but I do have a partial liking to strawberry laces which is odd as I haven't eaten them since I was about 12. 

Anything making you queasy or sick. Smells, smells are definitely not my friend right now and if I could sacrifice my sense of smell till after the baby is born, I would. Even still at 19 weeks, I was sick 4 times that week, it's become a norm now and it's just powering through.

Gender? Another little boy, which we're so excited for Noah to have a brother. We have our NHS tomorrow so it will be confirmed, but we did have a sneaky gender scan at 18 weeks.

Symptoms and how I'm feeling. Feeling good, I've still had a couple of bleeds which we found out is because I have a 'cervical erosion' which is common in pregnancies and it's just nice to know there is a real reason behind them. I'm feeling good, just tired and heavy now.

Looking forward to? Noah and John being able to feel baby thrashing around and our scan on Monday just to make sure baby is all good and everything is situated correctly.

I've used the fabulous Romecas update titles, as they're just perfect. She's also pregnant with number 2 which is so lovely as we shared our first pregnancies together. Feel free to pinch them if you want to update your pregnancy, as I absolutely love reading them even when not preggo.

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