My First Trimester

I really debated writing this post, as I didn't want to come across really ungrateful, I know so many people struggle to get pregnant or simply can't and would kill to be experiencing a pregnancy but all of this is relative to me and I'm going to be as honest as I can on how it's been so far.

There really is only one word that comes to mind when I think of those first 12 weeks of Pregnancy this time around - hell. I've suffered so bad and still seem to be now, though I'm firmly into my second trimester and it does seem to be easing slightly. Up until week 6, I really didn't have many symptoms, and then it hit like a freight train and is only slowing now almost 10 weeks later. Around week 12 it got to a point where I couldn't even drink water without it repeating on me so I was prescribed some tablets from the doctors. They helped for a while but sickness resumed and I think the tablets mainly ended up in the toilet bowl.
Food aversions were in high season, as my heightened sense of smell stopped me eating almost everything. I still now can't even type the words of some dreaded food because I'm almost certain it would make me sick. It's been a real struggle with work so I was so glad of the time off over the Christmas period and now I've been able to eat a little more I definitely feel I've got more energy.

We also experienced a little scare, which ended up being on Noahs birthday. I had a bleed and therefore a scan at the EPU a couple of days later, luckily everything was completely fine and due to even now still have bleeds occasionally, I do believe it's through straining during sickness or *ahem* bowel movements. I've been trying to take it as easy as possible lately and am looking forward to feeling more like myself again, although I do wonder if I'll ever be able to eat certain foods again. A post will be up very shortly on my essentials during the first few months along with our very exciting gender announcement!

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