Noah You're 10 Months!

I feel like I repeat myself every time, but how on earth do I almost have a one year old baby on my hands? It really seems a couple of weeks ago I was changing those god awful newborn nappies in the hospital. Wow. Noah you're really shaping out to be such a kind, gentle boy and so many people are completely besotted with you.

Routine: Your routine hasn't changed much since you've been around 6/7 months old. You're trying new things now, such a muesli for breakfast, smoothies every so often and you love everything. You are very happy in your routine and we're happy that you are.

Sleeping: Sleeping is 7-6 now, so you've knocked an hour off what you used to sleep. But that's fine, as we're up at that time for work, it means we get to give you breakfast before we pass you to Nana. You wake occasionally but go down with a quick cuddle. You're beginning to nap more and it's probably because you're moving a lot more now!

Weight:  After you're health visit last week, we discovered you weigh 23.5lb, which is perfect and you're still on the same percentile you always have been. We couldn't get you measured as you hate to be put down and left with someone or somewhere you don't know, as you don't cry often, mummy didn't want you to get upset so we passed on that. 

Milestones: You've cracked crawling with ease a couple of months ago. You're sofa surfing and will walk around any table or side, as long as you're gripping on. We're just starting to get you putting your feet flatter on the floor, then you'll be walking! I'm desperate to get your first shoes from Clarkes, but I've been warned to wait for your first steps. You now have six teeth! SIX! For a 10 month old baby, that is quite a few. I think teething might leave you alone for a little while (we hope) as you deserve a little rest.

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